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Super Shadows
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Super Shadows
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Super Shadows
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Daylight Autonomy
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Daylight Autonomy
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Wind Velocity
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Wind Velocity
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Topography Analysis
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Flow Lines Based on Topography
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Daylight Autonomy in a Basement Parking Space
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Annual Glare Predictions in an Office space
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Radiation Analysis

Devang Chauhan

Devang Chauhan

Building Performance Simulation Specialist

A sustainability analyst focused on performance of building designs, BIM and computation

I am a sustainable design specialist and computational design leader at HOK. Disregsrding the titles, I describe my work as going from point A to Z. It involves going from an idea, a conversation, a sketch to a script, a tool, or a piece of content. I am also a part of the development team of the Ladybug Tools and I contribute regularly by means of code patches to the development and user support on the forum. I have taught several workshops in India that were focused on the use of simulations to make early-stage design decisions.

I always enjoy a good conversation and apart from building performance simulations, I like to talk and hear about the global economy, future of jobs, protectionism, Hindu mythology, and the Mughal empire of India.

I also maintain strong interests in web development, gym workouts, and the game of cricket.