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Super Shadows
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Super Shadows
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Super Shadows
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Daylight Autonomy
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Daylight Autonomy
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Wind Velocity
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Wind Velocity
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Topography Analysis
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Flow Lines Based on Topography
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Daylight Autonomy in a Basement Parking Space
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Annual Glare Predictions in an Office space
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Radiation Analysis

Devang Chauhan

Devang Chauhan

Software Developer in AEC

Developing Environmental simulation tools, workflows, and products for the AEC industry

I have spent over 8 years working in AEC consulting companies in three regional markets internationally and on buildings of different scales. This experience exposed me to all the phases of a building in project delivery.

I have been a strong believer of capturing human experience and intelligence into information products. In October 2020, I decided to use my experience to inform the development of products for the AEC industry.

I am currently working with a high velocity team at Ladybug Tools where the simulation and collaboration tools of the future are being created.

I always enjoy a good conversation and I regularly schedule to speak with people with different backgrounds when I am not working. Apart from building products, I remain interested in reading, talking and hearing about the Indian economy, future of jobs, protectionism, hindu mythology, and the bygone mughal empire of India. I also maintain strong interests in gym workouts, and the game of cricket.